My Photography

One of my hobbies is photography...I shoot lots of photos.  Here in this page are some of my photo web sites.   There will be some new links posted and some taken down at different times.  So stop by regularly to see various photo pages. Photos on these pages are thumbnails - click on the photo to enlarge.

Links to my Photo pages. 

SJC Campus & Activities
SJC Graduation (new 5-12-14)
SJC Business Network in Chicago (1-23-14)
Athletic Dept. Golf Outing (7-15-13)
SJC Homecoming (10-6-13)
SJC Campus Activities  (Updated: Colloquium 4-15-14; Stage Production - Grease 4-9-14)
Scenes on Campus (1-27-14 - some "sun dog bows")
Little 500 (updated 4-29-14 - The annual go kart race here on campus.)
Spring Break - Orlando (updated 3-23-14)
Hawaii 8-15-13)
New Orleans (8-20-12)
Maine (8-6-11)
New Mexico & Southwest (8-17-10)
Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park  (6-29-09)
Puma Soccer Pages (10-26-13 including senior day)
Puma Football (11-17-13 with senior day)
Puma Track & Field and Cross Country  (Update: Edmonds Invite 3-23-14)
Puma Basketball (2-27-14)
Puma Baseball (Updated: Illinois Springfield & Senior Day 5-4-14)
Puma Softball (Updated: Truman 4-19-14)
More Sports (Volleyball  11-9-13; Golf 9-11-11; Tennis 4-11-14; Softball 4-25-13)


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