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                                             Several options are available for the continuing education student.

Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy (18 credit hours)
This program is designed for someone who wishes to focus on study of liturgy and development of liturgical skills without pursuing a particular degree. It can benefit a person with little or no musical skills, someone with some skills and training, or someone who is a highly degreed musician, for example. There is a great deal of flexibility in the curriculum, and the course work can be completed in three summers. Coursework for the Diploma may later be applied to a graduate degree.
Requirements: 502. Ritual and Symbol (1 credit intensive) 511. The Praying and Believing Church: Liturgy and Theology (2 credits) 503. Liturgical Music (1 credit intensive) 513: Liturgical Planning and Celebration (2 credits) 522. Celebrating Sacred Time (2 credits) Electives in Liturgy (4 hours may be in music) 10 credits Residence requirement: 14 credits
Sabbatical Study

The summer session may be taken as a brief, refreshing summer sabbatical. Students design their sabbatical studies
to suit their own needs. They may choose from the offered courses and may take them for credit or (non-credit) audit. Faculty are readily available for consultation. Student may participate in community functions and liturgies as they wish. The campus facilities, including computer labs, sports facilities and spacious grounds are available for the sabbatical student.

Gregorian Chant Institute

The four-day Gregorian Chant Institute is held near the end of June and is intended for beginners who wish to sing Latin chant, including more advanced pieces, with confidence. Topics include: reading 4-line notation, pronunciation of Latin, chant books and resources, modality, psalm tones, programming in the reformed liturgy, interpretation of Mass Propers based on lineless notation of the 10th-11th centuries, rehearsal and performance techniques. See Gregorian Chant Institute for more details.

Liturgy Intensives 

The liturgy intensives are one credit courses taught by nationally recognized scholars.  These courses begin on Wednesday afternoon June 29th and end on Friday afternoon July 1st.  These courses may be taken for credit or non-credit.  These are great opportunities for liturgy and/or music directors to learn about the latest in liturgical theology and pastoral practice.  There are also opportunities to share insights with other pastoral ministers.  These may be a wonderful opportunity for continuing education units (CEUs) as well.  See Liturgy Intensives for more details. 


                                                                         For more information about the program, email
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