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The Chicago Series in Liturgical Music
in collaboration with the Chicago Office for Divine Worship

This new, cooperative venture seeks to meet a need for quality, part-time academic education in liturgical music in the Chicago area. The CSLM draws upon the expertise and resources of the Rensselaer Program of Church Music and Liturgy at Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana, which has been offering summer study in liturgy and liturgical music since 1960. While the Rensselaer Program's annual five-week summer semester makes study accessible to full-time parish ministers, who may earn the Master of Arts degree in four or five summers of study, or the Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy in three summers, the format is not friendly to part-time and volunteer musicians who work other jobs full-time, or who simply cannot leave home for an extended period of time. The Chicago Series affords Saint Joseph's College an opportunity draw upon its expertise and make academic enrichment available "on the road."

CSLM Components and Calendar

An eighteen month series of five courses offered by Saint Joseph's College
Two one-credit, three-day intensives offered in Rensselaer, Indiana                          
Liturgical Music Intensive (June 27-29, 2012) 1 credit
Introduction to Sacraments Intensive (June 26-28, 2013) 1 credit
Three courses offered on Monday evenings at St. Eulalia Parish in Maywood, Illinois
Liturgical Planning and Celebration (Fall 2012) 2 credits
Celebrating Sacred Time (Spring 2013) 2 credits
Leading Assembly Song (Fall 2013) 1 credit
Bachelor's degree presumed; however non-degreed students with the ability to do college-level work are welcome to apply.
Letter of Completion issued by Saint Joseph's College
A student with a bachelor's degree who completes the series may later apply for admittance to summer studies for the Master of Arts in Music, the Master of Arts in Pastoral Liturgy and Music, or the Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy. All series credits apply to these programs.

Learning Outcomes

a working knowledge of the Church's documents on liturgy and liturgical music
a practical understanding of the functions of music in liturgical celebration
familiarity with the Order of Mass and other approved sacramental and ritual books
facility in the evaluation and selection of appropriate music for liturgy
an understanding of the dynamics of the liturgical year and of particular seasons
skill in mystagogical reflection and in the evaluation of particular liturgies and liturgical seasons
the ability to resource cantors and accompanists who facilitate congregational song
an appreciation of the contributions of music of varying styles and cultural traditions

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for seven credits is $300 per credit hour, or $2100 total, which is paid per semester. Additional costs include an activity fee, books, and room and board for intensives held at Saint Joseph's College. Limited financial assistance is available for series participants who need it. Those wishing to be considered for a scholarship must fill out the Financial Need Statement.

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