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Gregorian Chant: A Living Treasure
June 29 - July 1, 2014

    Registration Form (.pdf)

Founded in 1960 by well-known chant scholar Rev. Lawrence Heiman, C.PP.S., The Rensselaer Program of Church Music and Liturgy continues to provide opportunities for summer study in liturgy and liturgical music. The Gregorian Chant Institute, led by noted chant specialist Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, M.C.G., offers a three-day immersion into the Church's heritage of Gregorian Chant. Students will be introduced to history, chant notation, paleography (manuscript interpretation), chironomy (conducting) and will receive practical suggestions for the introduction and use of chant in parish worship.

Columba Kelly, OSB, is the director and composer for the Saint Meinrad Gregorian Schola. Fr. Columba finished his doctorate in church music at Musica Sacra in Rome just as Roman Catholic liturgy was moving from Latin to English. During the last 35 years, in addition to teaching, Fr. Columba has created a body of English chant based on the natural word rhythm of the spoken word.

     Gregorian Chant Institute fee: $195 ($455 for one semester credit - includes additional work) 
     Housing and meals:  $110

Sunday June 29 Monday June 30 Tuesday July 1
  4:45-5:30 pm Arrival
  5:45 Welcome
  6:00 Dinner
  7:00-9:00 Class
  7:30-8:15 am Breakfast
  8:30-11:30 Class
  11:30-12:30 Lunch
  1:15-3:45 pm Class
  5:15 Eucharist
  5:00 Dinner
  7:00 - 9:00 Class
   7:30-8:15 am Breakfast
   8:30-11:30 Class
   11:45 Departure

                                                     For more information about the program email
Page updated 01/03/2014